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Personal Shopping and Gift Services


It's nice to shop online with a cup of tea, some nice music and from a comfy chair. But it's also useful to be able to get some sort of advice to find the perfect gift. Or help when you just don't have time...

This is why Rue des Petits is offering you its Personal Shopping services. It's easy and personal

You just need to send me an email with the subject "PERSONAL SHOPPING REQUEST" to contact@ruedespetits.co.uk telling me:

  1. Whom it is for (name, sex, age...)?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. If it is for a special occasion?
  4. Things, colours, items that you like/don't like...
  5. Anything that you have in mind that could help me!

And i will personally go through my selection of products for you, mixing and matching products and brands to find just what you need! I will send you 3 suggestions, waiting for your feedback!

And if you are not in a hurry, I can also look at special requests for you (personalisation services).

Here are a few examples of gifts that I have selected for happy babies, children and mums.

Emily wanted something cute for one of her friends and she had £20 to treat her! We got her nice accessories for her hair with a pretty card.


Max was after a £35-40 present for his friend's birthday and we knew that Sam had just moved house! We found him a cool London sticker, a cactus wall decoration and a tipi storage paperbag for his new bedroom!


Charlotte and a colleague needed a birth present for a little Eva, had £65 to treat her and loved liberty fabrics and pastel colours! They received, in a pretty Rue des Petits packaging, a towel/dummy clip duo from Les Fils, a hand knitted woollen dusty pink Dove and a pretty rabbit welcome card!

Andrew was looking for a treat for his wife after they had their little Clem (with a nice £90 budget)! She got sparkles and personal messages...


Once you are happy with the selection, you can choose from our below gift wrapping services.

Our gift wrapping services

Receiving a gift starts by pulling a ribbon and opening a card. But having to run across the city to find wrapping elements and a card once you have found the perfect gift takes time. This is why Rue des Petits is trying to make your life easier!

Once you are happy with your selection you can choose from our 3 options

Actually this is for me and I don't need additional gift wrapping.
Your order will arrive nicely wrapped in our Rue des Petits signature mint tissue paper, with a ribbon, a card and with our MY LITTLE THINGS cotton bag as a treat for you.

Tissue Paper option

You want to be able to see your products but still want the gift wrapping elements!
And we can completely understand that! So what we will do is, add into your parcel, all the elements that you need to gift-wrap at home (carry bag, tissue paper, stickers, ribbon and card). Not to forget one of our MY LITTLE THINGS cotton bag of course!

Ready to check option

You want us to gift-wrap it or send it directly to the lucky person.
Your gift will be wrapped in our Rue des Petits signature mint tissue paper, with pretty ribbons and stickers. We will hand-write the chosen card for you and everything will go into our pretty Les Petits carry bag, sealed by one of our dotted stickers. Of course, we will also join one of our MY LITTLE THINGS cotton bag as a treat for you!

Ready to offer option


Any specific request, please do not hesitate to send an email to contact@ruedespetits.co.uk and we will do everything we can to help!