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We all love a pretty room but sometimes we are just lacking time, inspiration or we think that our budget is too tight.

At Rue des Petits, home décor is our passion. For tiny and large rooms, for small and bigger budgets. From just adding finishing touches to redecorating the bedroom entirely. Helping you find unique vintage pieces, ordering personalised items, advising on wall colours or room arrangements. 

We will work closely with you to create the bedroom that you have in your mind or to bring the one you have dreamt of from a Pinterest board into your home.

Services can start from £200 and we will offer you a discount on your Rue des Petits purchases for the room redecorated as part of the package!

To receive more info on how we could work with you, on our fees and on the advantages you could benefit from, just get in touch at

I cannot wait to help you!