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29 March 2017, posted by Rue des Petits

Meet Geraldine, founder at Obi-Obi

London, 29th March 2017.




I met Geraldine back in 2015 at a fair in Paris, when I was initially working on the Rue des Petits project.I was looking for little girls' accessories and fell in love with Obi-Obi collection and had a coup de coeur for the story behind the brand and Geraldine, the founder Geraldine.

Her collections are poetic and romantic. The quality is impeccable. And my daugthers love them! What else can we ask for?!

Geraldine took some time to answer our questions... Let's discover a bit more about the Obi-Obi story!




>> What is the story behind your brand?

Back to Paris, after spending a few years in Sydney, I realised that the children accessories selection was very poor on the market and decided to start OBI OBI.  The brand name comes from the Japanese “OBI” which means “Kimono belt” and the Australian city “OBI OBI”. Foreign cultures and languages have always attracted me. The first collection started with hair accessories and has now extended to dress up kits, straw baskets and hats, jewellery, brooches, note books.

>> What are you the most proud of?

The quality of the production made in France is really important to me.

>> How do you find the balance between work and family?

Yoga helps me spend the day in a calm, positive and balanced way. I have a tendency to run in all directions and yoga help me to focus on what is essential.




 >> 3 things that you like ?

Ballet, Japan, arts

>> Your typical mumpreneur day?

After my yoga session and morning routine, I drop my youngest son at school by bike (the 2 older ones go to school by themselves). This is a nice “mother and son” quality time. Then I head up to my office. I spend my time between new collection, quality control, manufacturing supervision, etc. Every day is different! At the end of the day, I spend a lot of time with the kids around snacks, home works, bath time. We very often have diner together with my husband and kids. This is a very special time for the 5 of us!

 >> Your style in 3 words?

Feminine, easy going, casual

>> Best childhood memories?

I used to practice ballet on a daily basis when I was a child. Dance is part of my greatest childhood memories (music, costumes, scene, aesthetic, effort...)




>> How active are you on social Medias? Where can we follow you?

Instagram is a great way of sharing and is a lot of fun! It can be also addictive! I always get excited when I discover pics with OBI OBI accessories that have travelled around the world from Paris to London, Berlin or Tokyo. You can follow OBI OBI adventures on @obiobiparis !

>> 3 accounts to follow on Instagram?

@Audrey5octobre (Mom in paris)

@callicarchen (Mom in Berlin)

and fan of @Rue-des-Petits  !!!



>> Other young designers you like and would recommend?

I have discovered Chloe And Claude on “Rue des Petits” – I love the ballerinas of this talented Australian designer!

>> One secret you want to share with us?  

A new collaboration is in preparation. Stay tuned !


Thank you so much Geraldine! To discover the Obi-Obi Collection at Rue des Petits. It's here >



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