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25 July 2016, posted by Rue des Petits


Meet Sandra from ILADO PARIS

London, 25th July 2016

Another Coup de Coeur on Instagram! I have to say I usually try to stay away from all the ‘pregnant mums’ stuff as I did found while pregnant that quite a lot of them are a waste of money and that they also often don’t look very pretty! But when I discovered Ilado, I regretted that these necklaces did not exist three years ago when I was expecting my second little one!

They are pretty, chic, versatile and they make the most perfect (and non-gimmicky / cheesy) present to a mum-to-be… You can wear it once baby is born and treasure it forever as a beautiful memory. Typically, I would have loved to receive one from my husband!! Never say never…



Sandra created ILADO Paris a year ago to revive the ancestral Mayan tradition of pregnancy jewellery, style the bump and soothe baby with a very soft chime sound each time mum is moving. The JOY collection available at Rue des Petits is made of 18 different necklaces: silver, yellow and pink gold plated pendant with their fair trade silk cord that comes in 6 different shades.

Sandra lived in London and met her husband here, the city and UK have a particular meaning to her … I am very very happy to be the first boutique introducing her beautiful and meaningful creations to the UK and I do wish her all the very best with her little one, the one coming soon and her baby brand!






>> What is the story behind your brand?

ILADO is the first Maternity Jewellery brand. I created it last year to bring back the meaning and beauty of the “pregnancy necklace” tradition. Drawing inspiration from an ancestral chime pendant traditionally worn by the Mayan mothers, we offer a unique collection of pregnancy necklaces designed to beautifully style the bump during pregnancy and to soothe your newborn baby with their soft chime sound. A meaningful jewellery piece and the most special and unique gift for today’s mums-to-be!


>> What are you the most proud of?

I’m really proud to imagine that the soft chime sound of our pregnancy necklaces accompanies expecting mothers and their babies around the world and brings them harmony and soothing. I also receive very nice messages from dads-to-be that are very pleased to offer this symbolic gift to their wives to celebrate the good news of their baby to come. It's very rewarding to be a part of these moments of life that are so unique with our jewellery pieces!


>> How do you find the balance between work and family?

After working at L’Oréal for 7 years, I realised that having a flexible job is a gift for a young mother! No permission to ask to take a day off, either to take care of my daughter if she is sick or just to get away and take time for me when I need to.Working from home, a few minutes walk from her school, also allows me to avoid taking public transport, which is a huge time and fatigue saver when you live in Paris! The counterpart is that it’s hard sometimes to draw the line between my professional and personal life. I find it difficult sometimes to disconnect from my emails in the evening, or not to speak constantly of ILADO with my husband over the weekend!


>> What are your future challenges and dreams for your brand?

My challenge right now is to continue to install the brand in France and to expand its presence abroad through a network of retailers. Every month, our collection of Pregnancy Jewellery join the lovely selection of new concept stores like Rue Des Petits which is very encouraging!






>> You in a few words.

I am 31, I was born in the south west of France with my 3 brothers. I lived a few years in Africa as a kid, and studied in London and Madrid. I've been living in Paris for 10 years with my husband, our daughter, Mila, who just turned 2 years-old, and I’m currently 7 months pregnant with my baby boy!

 >> 3 things that you like?
Singing to my daughter before she goes to bed, watching series and discovering new places!

 >> London for you in 3 words?
Cosmopolite – Creative – Eccentric

 >> Favourite places in London?
Hampstead heath & The Tate Modern   

 >> Your style in 3 words?
Feminine and Chic with Rock details

  >> Best childhood memories?
The holidays I spent on the African island of ILADO with my parents and three brothers. The brand is named after this island that was for me synonimous of discovery and joy !






 >> Best gift you have ever received?
A beautiful jewellery that belonged to my husband’s grand-mother and my girl of course is the most precious gift!  

 >> Best gift you have ever made? 
A surprise holiday that I offered to my boyfriend, where he asked me to marry him !

 >> Which gifts to your children?
A photo album where my daughter can put the pictures of all the people and things she love

 >> Your dream present?
A safari trip to Africa with my 2 children in a few years !





 >> How active are you on social Medias? Where can we follow you?

Instagram is a key communication tool for ILADO! I’m very grateful to the bloggers and mums-to-be who share pictures of their lovely baby bump with their ILADO pregnancy necklaces on social medias. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest soon.

 >> 3 accounts to follow on Instagram?

 @natachabirds - I love her delicate and poetic universe
@jauraispumappelermarcel – She captures the magic of the daily family life with her beautiful pictures
@laurielauriane – For her lovely design inspiration 




>> Other young designers you like and would recommend?
For my birthday I received a beautiful hand painted floral tote bags from the UK-based French textile designer Claire de Quenetain. It’s a great summer accessory!


>> One secret you want to share with us?
I’ve got a very special attachment to London as I met my husband in this city 11 years ago… so I’m very happy to count Rue Des Petits as our first UK retailer!


Discover the JOY collection here .... When modernity meets tradition ...


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