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Main Sauvage

01 July 2016, posted by Rue des Petits

Meet Cécile and Julien from MAIN SAUVAGE


London, 15th June 2016


Two young architects, one crazy wish, to give birth to fun, quirky, cute and locally produced soft toys.

Cécile and Julien launched MAIN SAUVAGE a year ago and their two main characters, Latérite and Humus are already all over Instagram! I loved how different, unexpected and yet very charming they look, I love it when there is a nice story behind and when young designers decide to produce locally, respecting the environment, and supporting craftsmen and women. They did it beautifully, in their own style and they have already, so soon, found their very own signature… More products are coming soon that I cannot wait to see and get on board!

And here are their answers to our questions!




 >> What is the story behind your brand?

We, Cécile and Julien, met at the end of our architecture studies. The desire to create Main Sauvage was born from our common dream to make something totally different from our studies that we loved but that also tired us out. We put all our architect’s skills into our brand and we love the freedom of expression we have with Main Sauvage. We also find it fun to create not only for serious grown-ups but also and mainly for kids.

 >> What are you the most proud of?

Before launching our brand, we dreamed of a lot of things like being featured in one of our favourite magazines, sending our soft toys to the other side of the world,,. and we are proud to have fulfilled most of them within a year.

 >> What are your future challenges and dreams for your brand?

We plan to expand our range, so there are exciting new products we are currently working on that we will show at the MAISON&OBJET Paris fair next September. We also plan to work on more unexpected collaborations… But we can’t tell you more at the moment!




 >> You in a few words.

We are “complice”, complementary and we never argue!

 >> 3 things that you like/ don’t like?

We like to: eat hot-dogs at Ikea, watch how the decors are made in Disneyland, have a burger delivered when we have a good news (instead of Champagne : )

We don’t like: Brexit, being late on our schedule, when someone asks us if we work full-time on Main Sauvage.

 >> The UK for you in 3 words?

The Monty Python, the Worcestershire sauce, the Loch Ness monster.

 >> Favourite places in London?

Hide Park and its climbing squirrels and the huge toy shop Hamleys.

 >> Best childhood memories?

Cécile : when my dad put me in my bed after I fell asleep in the car, on the way back from holidays.

Julien : when I built boat with founds objects to make them float on the river at my grandparents place.




 >> Best gift you have ever made? 

A week end in Disneyland Paris

 >> Best gift you have ever received?

Same : ) Indeed, we love Disneyland!

 >> Your dream present?

A beautiful white-painted wooden house on the edge on the forest.



 >> How active are you on social Medias? Where can we follow you?

We are pretty active on Facebook and Instagram where we like to talk about our latest news and to share pictures of our creations in their new homes.

 >> 3 accounts to follow on Instagram?

Trois fois par jour for delicious receipts

Fursty for breathtaking landscapes

Mamawatters for a dreamy lifestyle




>> Other young designers you like and would recommend?

Loup, a great French brand of handmade clothes for babies!

Des Enfantillages, a Canadian brand of beautiful and playful wooden toys!

 >> One secret you want to share with us?

Our secret dream is to live in the Caribbean, that we both love and where Julien has its roots.



Wising you odd and unexpected moments in life… Here is the whole range and brand page:





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