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Drou & Little Poux

04 April 2016, posted by Rue Des Petits

Drou & Little Poux is a pure Instagram discovery… I can’t remember how I landed on Gaelle’s account, but I am very happy I did! This mum of two (gorgeous) boys created this perfect mix of Scandinavian style, warm colours and natural elements. She hand-makes herself all her creations and cherry-picks the pieces of floating wood in the forest.

Garlands made of felt balls and ribbons, Mobiles made of floating wood, cray, felt balls; everything is made with love and taste. I created a little selection of mobiles, garlands made of balls or cactus or clouds… for you to find pretty and personal pieces to gift or decorate your little ones’ bedroom. Each piece is unique and was made for Rue des Petits… and this is what I love!

You will find the whole selection on Gaelle’s brand page:

And here are some images to give you a feel!

Wishing you colour & softness...



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