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Mamma Couture

01 April 2016, posted by Rue Des Petits

I met Eva last December and got seduced by her calm but dynamic and passionate personality. She has two kids and faced post-partum depression after the birth of her second one, and creativity became her way to escape and re-build herself.

I really loved her approach to toys, looking at them as didactic but also as something that should last and that parents should be happy to keep. How many toys do we have? Way too many you would probably agree. And I personally already know, which ones (only a handful) I want to keep as memories. The ones that matter, the ones that you feel your child would be happy and proud to pass on to its own children.

And this is what I loved about the Enchanted Creatures. They are beautiful, they tell a story, they fuel imagination when your child is riding its unicorn or dragon and they have this timeless retro and modern feel that make them very special and unique. They are also all handmade in the UK, by Eva herself, who decided not to add any label to them as ‘No mother would label a toy she made, no grandmother a sweater she knitted. It's not about the brand, it's about the bond that is created by giving or receiving the toys’. How beautiful is that?

So now, it is about your child to write its own story with his/her own Enchanted Creatures. And I am so happy and proud to welcome Eva’s Enchanted Creatures as part of my Rue des Petits selection. Another perfect example of beautiful things made by true and talented people.

Discover her brand page, and Rendez-vous on one of her product pages to learn more about the story and the illustrations that make the Enchanted Creatures so unique. Here they are:

Happy rides and enchanted stories,


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