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Chloé Fleury

25 March 2016, posted by Rue Des Petits

Sometimes it feels like people have a gift. So when on top of that, they have taste and are passionate about what they are doing, the result is quite amazing. This is how I felt when I discovered Chloé Fleury’s fun, colourful and magical world on Instagram.

Chloé is a French illustrator and prop-stylist based in San Francisco. She is a true paper magician and creates 3D animations and objects out of flat sheets of papers, eventually bringing them to life through stop motion animation. Here are a few of her creations:

And then she was kind enough to allow all of us to bring a piece of her magic at home so she created these DIY paper kits! They come in a flat transparent sleeve and are super easy to assemble. They bring colour, fun and a little something different to your little one’s bedroom. So I got a little selection of bunnies and flamingos for Rue des Petits and Chloé took some of her precious time (she just had a second little girl, Anouk) to answer a few questions for me.


>> What is the story behind your brand?

A passion for colours, dimension and creating fun little worlds that make you feel happy!

>> What are your main sources of inspiration?

Colourful and happy San Francisco and California in general! My daughters and the kids world, fashion…!

>> What is your brand identity/your DNA?

Happy, fun and colourful!

>> What are you the most proud of?

My products! It makes me so happy and proud to see them on Instagram in little ones space from all over the world! It was also super fun to work for Gap baby, McDonald’s and Milk magazine which is one of my favourite kids mag and Oh Joy who is so sweet and easy to work with! And recent features in Vogue bambini, Mother mag and Glitter Guide who had brought me many more customers. As well as a sweet article in the last issue of the French magazine Little!

>> What are you dreaming of for your brand in the future?

A bigger line of products and a brick and mortar location!


>> 3 things that you like/don't like?

My girls smile, chocolate, traveling and discover new places, colors.

>> London in 3 words:

Creative, family, inspiring for the good! Rainy, expensive and overwhelming for the bad!

>> Favourite places in London?

I’ve only been to London a few times to visit my brother and sister who live there. One place we like to go every time is Breakfast Club, we also went one morning to the Cereal Killer cafe with Lula, I found the concept and decor super fun, Topshop of course and all the cool little shops in Shoreditch ! Also I really want to try Sketch next time I go! The colorful houses and doors in pretty neighborhoods like Angel, Camden, Shoreditch.

>> Your style in 3 words?

A mix of Bohemian, modern and colourful.

>> Best childhood memories?

My dad making pain perdu on Sunday morning for breakfast, summers spent playing by the pool with childhood friends, hours spent in my studio “creating” from drawings to paper boxes, jewelleries…


>> Best gift you have ever received?

A trip to Hawai and my girls of course are the most beautiful and precious gift!

>> Which gifts to your children?

Beautiful illustrated books and fun activities/adventure outdoors like going to a Disney show or going to the carousel, ice cream shop...

>> Which gifts to your friends' children?

My animal kits ;)

>> Your dream present?

A ticket to London to spend time with my sister and our babies! It is so hard being so far away especially not she has a daughter too!


>> How active are you on social Medias and where can we follow you?

@chloefleuty a little too active, I wish I was less addicted!

>> 3 accounts to follow on Instagram?

@courtneyadamo, @virgin_honey, @imlauramiller, @yoli_and_otis, @amandajanejones, @justinblakeney, @maraserene, @hannahmas....

>> 3 blogs to follow?

I love following the adventures of Love Taza's family and Bleubird's and design inspiration from Design Love Fest, Sf Girl by bay, Oh joy...


>> Your favourite gift for a baby/a child/a mum?

Freshly picked booties or a nice swaddle like the ones from Aden &Anais or Little Unicorn/ a beautiful illustrated book (I love to see how much my 2 and half years old daughter loves books, and I like to read to her the books I used to collect when I dreamt of becoming an illustrator)/a spa day.

>> Other young designers you like and would recommend?

Rylee and Cru clothes line, Misha and puff knits, Freshly Picked moccs, Wolfechild clothes, Megan woods beaded booties, Biar handmade and Petite Soul bonnets, Solly baby wrap…so many and I am sure I am forgetting some!

>> One secret you want to share with us?

I watch way too many tv shows while working, for some reasons it helps me concentrate!

I am really very excited and happy to be able to offer these super cute kits here in the UK and I say a massive thank you to Chloé and wish her all the very best with her amazing products, her projects and her two little cuties!

Wishing you all lots of magic,



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