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Minois Paris

29 February 2016, posted by Rue Des Petits

Meet Hélène fom MINOIS PARIS 

London, 25th January 2016

I met Hélène a few months ago and loved how passionate she was about her products and was impressed by how much she achieved in a year, keeping in mind she has a 15month little girl!

Her baby products have become much talked about on Instagram and social medias, and are starting to become mum’s new favourites in France. And I can see why! So I decided to bring them over to the UK, because I am convinced that you are going to love them too!

Baby skincare products is always a tricky one. I know most of the mums are reluctant to use them, so am I, mainly because it is always hard to know what they are made of. And this is the beauty of Minois products. It’s natural and the composition is easy to read. Not only that, but the baby smell and the beautiful packaging make them a perfect gift for a mums-to-be or new mums, or simply a nice treat for yourself and your little ones.

The range is made of 3 products, free from parabens, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, silicone and colourings.

  • Le Gel délicat : A very gentle cleansing gel for body and hair (£18 for 500ml)
  • La Crème douce: A moisturising cream for face and body (£20 for 100ml)
  • L’Eau légère: A perfumed, fresh, alcohol-free water for body (£16 for 250ml)


Let's discover a bit more about the young mum-preneur behind these pretty boxes!


>> What is the story behind your brand?

I have always been attracted to the world of childhood, and I had for some time in my mind, the idea of a range of products for the little ones, adapted to their skin, with impeccable quality and pretty brand identity.

When my daughter was born a year ago, I thought it was time to embark on this new adventure. Like all the mothers, I suddenly feel even more responsible. I had to look after her the best way I could. So I decided to create Minois Paris: safe and simple to identify & use products.

>> What are you the most proud of?

When I receive messages of mums telling me that they love my products.

>> How do you find the balance between work and family?

It’s not always easy. Like all mums, I try to do my best and not to feel guilty. To set up your own brand requires such a personal implication that your personal life is impacted for sure. Family and work become so closely linked…

>> What are your future challenges and dreams for Minois

The dream was initially for Minois to exist, that this project that I had in mind becomes real. This happened and I am so happy about it. Now I want to develop the range and the brand in France and abroad.


>> You in a few words.

I am 33, I live in Bordeaux with my partner and my 15 month daughter, Paz.

>> 3 things that you like/don't like?

I love travels, space and nature.

>> Your typical mumpreneur day?

We have breakfast the 3 of us together. My partner drop Paz at the nursery and from 9am I am at my desk (well, our dining room !). I check my emails and social medias and I sort out the orders, which means that I spend most of the morning in boxes ! Around 1pm I have a quick lunch, sometimes I go out to meet a friend or my partner for a little break. Afternoons are about all the rest : liaising with customers, retailers, development, press…

At 6pm I go and collect Paz, and I try to switch off and not to check my emails. But quite often I go back to work as soon as she is asleep!

>> The UK for you in 3 words?

Cosmopolite, dynamic, excentric

>> Favourite places in London?

Soho, Covent Garden, Notting Hill

>> Your style in 3 words?

Feminine, relax and easy going

>> Best childhood memories?

Summers in the countryside


>> Best gift you have ever received?

My first car at 18, that meant freedom!

>> Best gift you have ever made?

A surprise weekend in Rome

>> Which gifts to your children?

A record-player

>> Which gifts to your friends' children?

Illustrated books

>> Your dream present?

A weekend with my partner ;)


>> How active are you on social Medias? Where can we follow you?

I am addicted! (Lots) of Instagram and (a bit) of Facebook!

>> 3 accounts to follow on Instagram?





>> Other young designers you like and would recommend?

Morgane from « Petit M »

Manon from « Poudre Organic »

>> One secret you want to share with us?

I am currently working on a new product development...

So here we are with my baby ‘beauty’ discovery. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have it on board of Rue des Petits. Unfortunately Hélène does not have samples yet, but I am going to try to find a way to perfume your orders with this amazing baby smell!

I hope you will love it too…

To visit Minois Parid brand page:

Xxx from Hampstead.


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